Livonia Athletic District

Detroit, MI
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⚽Livonia Athletic District⚽

95,000 sq. ft. of sporting goodness! ⚽🏈🏊⚾🥍🏑🏋️

Address: 14255 Stark Road, Livonia, MI 48154
​(734) 992-7362
Livonia Athletic District Website
Instagram: @livoniaathleticdistrict

Hours Of Operation:
6:30 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week


This week, the Plei App officially expanded into our 14th region: Detroit, Michigan 🚗 We’ve been working hard to make sure we are consistently adding more and more regions to the Plei App, and we can’t imagine how great the reception will be from all of our Michigan pickup soccer lovers once games start kicking off! The first facility we are partnering with is Livonia Athletic District, located west of Downtown Detroit. Our first few games there are already completely booked 👀🔥 

Keep reading to learn more about this spacious, versatile indoor sports complex 👇

There’s nothing that brings unity into a community more than a sports complex that works to cater to everyone’s athletic interests.

Let’s get straight to the point. Livonia Athletic District (LAD for short) is a 95,000+ square feet fully indoor sports complex that offers spaces and equipment for numerous sports and activities, namely soccer, football, swimming, baseball/softball, lacrosse/field hockey, pickleball and fitness training programs. Who better to partner with in a new region than one that is widely considered one of the best community sports complexes in all of Metro Detroit? 🏙️

Under the name Livonia Athletic District, they’ve only been operating for a short time; just 7 months to be exact. But prior to their reopening in June of last year, they were previously a YMCA building, which closed in 2020 after decades of service. Renovations began in mid-2021 to expand the facility to attract as many locals as possible, and it’s safe to say that this goal was achieved. 😅

Although pickup soccer isn’t the prime focus of LAD, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the turf fields here are of the highest quality that you won't find anywhere else in Detroit! Whether you’re looking to play small-sided games of 5v5/6v6 or full-sized 10v10 or 11v11 matches, LAD’s two soccer fields have got you covered in both departments. ⚽

The two turf fields are also available for multi-purpose rent. This can be done on their website via the CourtReserve service, which you can find here. For more information, navigate to their field rental FAQ page. 🔗

All 4 pickleball courts at LAD are available for rent as well! 🙌

As one would expect from such a versatile facility. LAD hosts a variety of leagues and camps for kids! As of right now, these programs are available for soccer, football and pickleball, with plans for expansion in the near future. 👀

If you get hungry or thirsty before or after your pickup soccer game, stop by the café at LAD! Here you can sit back and relax or chat with friends and family, all while refueling with your favorite snacks and drinks. 😋

Also available at LAD: the Sailfish Swim Club, Happy Life Hospitality and HealthQuest Physical Therapy, and an arcade room for kids! 🎮

We’ve landed in Motown 🚗! Be sure to catch a pickup game at the first facility we are partnering with in the Detroit area, Livonia Athletic District. Download the Plei App from the App Store or the Google Play Store today! ⚽

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Julian Febres

Content Manager
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