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Join us in our official Facebook hangout group and win 5 free games! 📲

April 28, 2023
Social Media

Join us in our official Facebook hangout group and win 5 free games! 📲

Join A Game!

Plei App Facebook Group

Looking to join a community of 200+ like-minded soccer players like you? 🫵

Perhaps you want to make some new friends? 🤗

Or maybe you just want to stay up to date with all the latest news at the Plei App! 🆕

By joining our Facebook group, you can accomplish all of these things and more! 🥳
Plus, we are giving away 5 free games just for joining us! We will announce the winners on May 5th within the actual group, so stay tuned for that. 👀
Chat it up with other fellow Plei App users and discuss your Champions League predictions, argue about who the best player in the world is (is it Haaland, Mbappe or Messi? 🤔) or arrange to join a specific game on the app together with ballers from your city! 🏙️
We know how it feels to not have any friends on speed dial to sign up for a game together, whether it’s because they back out last second or they’re just always busy to begin with. Or maybe you’re new to a city and don’t have any soccer friends to begin with. We created this Facebook group to solve these common problems once and for all for avid pickup soccer players like you! 🙌
Like we mentioned before, we will also be giving away FIVE (5) free games to one lucky Plei player who joins the group! By joining, you will automatically be entered into a raffle draw, which is worth one entry. You can also increase your chances of winning by posting a picture on the page of you playing in a Plei App game! This can be a selfie on the field, a group snapshot with other players after the game ends, or even an action photo taken by a friend of yours while they're watching you ball out.  Posting a picture will be worth an extra two entries into the raffle! 📸
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity: join our official Plei App group on Facebook now and start building new friendships thanks to a common love for the beautiful game! ⚽💚
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Join A Game!

Julián Febres

Content Manager

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