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Pick Up Soccer App Miami Houston Orlando

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We make playing pickup soccer as easy as ordering an Uber
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Pick Up Soccer App Miami Houston Orlando
Pick Up Soccer App Miami Houston Orlando
Pick Up Soccer App Miami Houston Orlando


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Pick Up Soccer App Miami Houston OrlandoPick Up Soccer App Miami Houston Orlando

300k+ soccer players from all over the world 🌎 have experienced what it's like to play in one of our pick up soccer games. See what some of our players have to say!

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Pick Up Soccer App Miami Houston Orlando
Paul S
Plei Player
5 Stars Icon

I just moved to the area and was having a hard time trying to find pick up soccer games. I downloaded the app and was literally playing in a game a few hours later!! The support team at Plei is awesome. They contacted me and welcomed me to the family. They also helped me find a game for that evening.

I look forward to touring the city and playing in the games Plei has scheduled. I pray that my legs can keep up!! Once again, thanks to the team at Plei! You guys are awesome!!

Pick Up Soccer App Miami Houston Orlando
Sergio J
Plei Player
5 Stars Icon

Playing pickup soccer has never been easier! Thisapp for pickup soccer. You can literally set up your week with games every day if you wanted to. With so many fields and games to easily choose on a daily basis, you can find your favorite field, or travel around your city checking out new ones!

If you really enjoy playing, no matter what level – do yourself a favor and download this app and give it a go. You will get hooked.

Pick Up Soccer App Miami Houston Orlando
Gustavo PJR
Plei Player
5 Stars Icon

Definitely what I was looking for. Sometimes it's difficult to get a group of friends together to play soccer and have fun. For those cases, we now have this app.

Plei presents you available games around the city (in my case Miami) in which you can join, get to know new people, find new places to play, and most importantly, enjoy the beautiful game!

Pick Up Soccer App Miami Houston Orlando
Alexander Z
Plei Player
5 Stars Icon

Having lived in many cities over the last 10 years, I’ve always had trouble finding games to join. Organizing games is hard and can be expensive. If you’re new to a city, you also don’t always know enough people to create a game.
This app eliminated all of that for me. I now play 4-5 times a week in various locations but never more than 10 mins from home. The skill level is curated and full of good people from all different backgrounds. The creators have done an incredible job, absolutely love this app.

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Partner Facilities

The Best Places To Play Soccer

Plei partners with the best soccer facilities across several regions:

Bay Area, CA πŸŒ‰
Sacramento, CA 🌳
Boston, MA 🦞
New York City 🍏
Atlanta, GA πŸ‘
Los Angeles, CA πŸŽ₯
Miami, FL 😎
Broward, FL πŸ–
Orlando, FL 🎒
Palm Beach, Fl 🌴
Tampa, FL 🐊
Charlotte, NC πŸ‘‘
Kanas City, MO πŸ–
Phoenix, AZ 🏜️
Philadelphia, PA πŸ””
Austin, TX 🎸
New Jersey β˜€οΈ
Detroit, MI πŸš—
Chicago, IL πŸ’œ
Houston, TX πŸš€
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 🀠
Denver, CO πŸ”
D.C.Β Metro πŸ¦…
Grand Rapids, MI 🍻
St. Louis, MO 🍭

With over 700 fields to choose from, our community of soccer players can be sure they will easily find a game to play pick up soccer in their neighborhood.

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