Plei - A Soccer Facility Management System

The Plei System makes managing your soccer facility easy, so you can focus on what’s important

Plei - A Soccer Facility Management System

Made specifically for your industry

With the Plei System you can run all aspects of your business on one platform
Organize all types of customizable categories for field rentals.
With the Plei App, we help you maximize revenue by renting unused field space.
0% CC Fees. Secure and safe with our Braintree integration. A Paypal Company.
Our native POS platform allows you to sell and attach any item to a payment.
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Managing your Facility in the 21st century

Do you use multiple systems to manage your facility? Does this include managing tasks on pen and paper? This can be extremely inefficient and time consuming. With the Plei System, you get an all in one system that was built with your needs in mind.
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Manage Reservations

Easily view & manage all bookings for the day.
With our reservation software, you’ll be able to organize your schedule with ease, leaving more time to focus on ways to keep your fields booked more often.

Easily track who’s paid and who hasn’t. Send client receipts through text or email, and generate invoices.

Process Payments

With Plei, you pay 0% in CC Fees.
When it comes to processing payments, security, speed and price are some of the most important factors. At Plei, we leverage Braintree's technology (A Paypal Company), enabling the most secure solution for processing payments.

Seamlessly charge field rentals per player, and use our Paypal approved CC reader for faster check-out.

Best of all, our partner facilities pay 0% in CC Fees, instantly saving thousands of dollars a year.

Native POS

Combine beverage and field payments on one POS page.
Forget the days of using multiple systems to manage your business. With Plei, you get an all in one solution.

Plei's native POS platform allows you to sell any item and attach it to a field reservation payment. Include all of your POS items, such as water, gatorade and snacks. Use our inventory tracking feature to always stay on top of your inventory.

We offer an easy-to-integrate receipt printer and cash drawer if needed.

Robust Reports

Rich data at you fingertips.
We live in an era where data is the new currency. Thats why at Plei, we believe that businesses such as yours should be able to leverage modern day technology to optimize your facility's operations.

With our in depth reports you can easily learn what services make you the most revenue, track employee hours, balance your cash drawer, instantly access sales history, and much more.

The Plei System even makes it easy to give your accountants access to specific reports simplifying an otherwise tedious process.


Text with your clients using your business line.
Coming Soon
Reach your customers faster and on a medium they prefer:
  • Send unlimited texts to unlimited contacts
  • Create reusable text message templates
  • Personalize every message – even group texts
  • Answer common questions with set responses

The Plei System

The Plei System was built out of the frustrations facilities faced when it came to managing their operations. Before Plei, facilities needed to subscribe to multiple software systems, none of which were built specifically for their industry.
The Plei System is the first all-in-one solution for soccer facilities. We take into account all aspects of running your company and package it into one simple to use software solution. In short, we make managing operations a breeze.
Learn more about how you can leverage Plei’s technology to enhance your business operations.
The Plei System takes into account all aspects of running a soccer facility, and makes managing operations a breeze.
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