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Cop or drop? Check out Adidas’ latest football apparel collection: Lifestylers 🔥

September 29, 2023

Cop or drop? Check out Adidas’ latest football apparel collection: Lifestylers 🔥

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Did Adidas just drop some of their best beautiful game apparel ever?

Recently, the Brand with the Three Stripes dropped their Lifestyler (officially stylized as LFSTLR) kit collection, releasing 5 new shirts for each of their 5 biggest clubs that they sponsor. 

Look familiar? Your eyes aren’t deceiving you; these jerseys are nearly carbon copies of each club’s corresponding third kit for the 23/24 season. The only details missing are the sponsors and sleeve patches, as well as other minor differences that vary from shirt to shirt.

So what’s the point of this collection if each jersey has nearly the same exact design as the third kits? Well, the intention behind this collection is to provide customers with an everyday feel in the apparel, making “the switch from elite soccer performance to supreme wearability.”

As a result, many of these shirts feature different materials not suitable for play but instead are designed to be perfectly wearable on the streets.

Let’s talk about pricing, though. At $110 a piece, these shirts are actually $10 more expensive than their replica third kit counterparts, which is quite an odd move by Adidas considering they are essentially downgraded versions without the sponsor and badges.

Personally, I think a shirt designed to be more for casual, everyday use should not be priced higher than the actual kits, especially when certain sponsors like Emirates, T-Mobile and Jeep are quite iconic and almost synonymous with these clubs in the past decade or so.

Sorry, Team Viewer, but you don’t fit that description of legendary sponsor status at the moment.

Regardless, these new Lifestyler kits are undoubtedly attractive thanks to their minimalistic nature and will surely be bought by diehard Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, United and Madrid fans who don’t mind the hefty price tag.

Check out each of the five LFSTLR kits below; you can also click the links in the photos that will take you to the Adidas website where you can purchase. 👇

🔴🔫 Arsenal

🔴⚪ Bayern Munich

⚫⚪ Juventus

🔴👹 Manchester United

⚪⚪ Real Madrid

Will you be securing one of these Adidas LFSTLR shirts? Which one is your favorite? Let me know by sending me an email at; feel free to also DM me on Instagram. 📲
Be sure to stay tuned to the Plei blog, where I upload cool content like this every week. You can also always send me a message if you ever want me to write about something specific, I’m always open to ideas! 💡
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Julian Febres

Content Manager

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