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Has any football club ever done this before? Real Madrid are starting their own restaurant chain 🍽️

October 6, 2023

Has any football club ever done this before? Real Madrid are starting their own restaurant chain 🍽️

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This might be unheard of in the football world. 😅

Football clubs are more than just sports teams that compete. After all, that’s a no brainer. They are full-fledged brands that expand beyond the boundaries of the realm of professional competition in order to cater to their millions of fans around the world across all fronts.

They may do this by offering worldwide shipping for their official team stores. The biggest of clubs will travel across the globe to host preseason tours and see huge turnouts to their fixtures.

Another common occurrence is exclusive merch collabs between a popular club and a well-known clothing line, such as the case with Nike & Barcelona’s latest partnership with Dutch apparel brand Patta or Inter Miami’s recent collab with Bape.

Clubs might even partner with sports bars and pubs in their city, so that fans can come together and have a good time, all while not missing a single minute of their beloved team.

We’re familiar with all these types of business ventures by football clubs, but opening a restaurant in a city that is an 11-hour flight away from where the club plays? Now that’s different.

Introducing UNO, a new restaurant chain created thanks to a partnership between European giants Real Madrid and Grupo San Pablo. They’ll be opening their flagship restaurant in Mexico City later this month.

The name choice might seem odd at first, especially since there’s a famous card game that shares the same name. But it seems like the decision behind calling the chain UNO stems from Real Madrid historically being considered the most successful European club of all time, boasting a total of 14 UEFA Champions League trophies. Looks like they’ve decided to take pride in this status.

According to their official website, UNO By Real Madrid “aims to expand the Real Madrid brand around the world by providing an innovative fast-casual restaurant concept.” What’s unique about this project is that it will actually double as a place to watch the matches as well as purchase official merchandise.

A fast-food restaurant, live sports venue, and merch shop all in one? I’m not even a Madridista and I’m fascinated.

Real Madrid announced the restaurant chain with a 40 second video, highlighting a new campaign known as ‘Hungry for more’. Starting with their first restaurant in Mexico City, these fast-food joints will be closely associated with the values of the Real Madrid brand, namely self-improvement, leadership and continuous endeavor.

For more information on the opening of UNO By Real Madrid, be sure to stay tuned to Real Madrid’s social media pages, as well as their official website.

Would you fly out just to eat at your favorite club’s restaurant? What are your thoughts on Real Madrid’s latest business venture? Let me know by sending me an email at; feel free to also DM me on Instagram. 📲
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