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Introducing: Plei Messages!

January 5, 2022
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Introducing: Plei Messages!

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Introducing: Plei Messages!

What better way to ring in the new year than to introduce our BIGGEST update ever??
You asked for it, and now its here! With Plei Messages, you will now be able to message your friends directly! Each game will also have its own Game Chat, allowing you to communicate in a group chat with other players in the games you sign up for.
Here’s how it works:

Game Chat

You can find the Game Chat button on the top right of the game card, or inside the game details on the right of the roster, as seen above. When you tap on the chat icon, you will be taken to the Game Chat, where you can communicate with other players as well as with a team member at Plei.
Never miss a message! You can enable or disable push notifications for Game Chats on the top right of the chat window. 

Direct Message

Ever thought to yourself after a Plei Game: “Man, I really enjoyed playing with that person. I wish I could message them so we can play together again” … now you can! 😁
With Plei Messages, you can slide into other player’s DM’s and communicate directly on the Plei App. Just like Game Chats, you can toggle on/off your push notifications on the top right of the chat.
For iPhone users, you can also send GIFs as well as swipe directly on a message to reply. 
* Android users, this is coming VERY soon! * 

In Conclusion

Our team at Plei is working tirelessly everyday to make sure you have the best experience possible playing the game we all love. It’s all for you, our community. As always we want to thank you for your relentless support.
We hope that these new features make playing the beautiful game a more enjoyable experience on and off the field.
And, as always, more new features coming soon!

Happy playing ⚽️
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Sebastian Duque

Founder & CEO

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