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πŸ† July 2022 Players Of The Month πŸ†

August 1, 2022

πŸ† July 2022 Players Of The Month πŸ†

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July '22 Players Of The Month

It very much feels like "Groundhog Day" this month. In July, we have 6 players returning to the top 15 from last month. At the same time, that means that we have 9 new players ranking in the top players of the month. Sitting at the top of the list this month is Michael G having played 24 times in July. This is Michael's 2nd time in a row sitting at the top. For much of the month it seems like Michael was going to give up his throne to Rakin S who ultimately came in 2nd place having played 21 times. A very strong showing in his own right. Michael ended up edging out Rakin by playing *8 TIMES* in the last 7 days of the month alone (what a beast!).
Of course, we can't forget everyone else who played their hearts out to make it to the top 15. Huge congratulations to them. They all earn a well deserved FREEΒ GAME.
Interesting Statistic: We have players from 10 different countries representing the top 15 players this month. Even more interesting, over 130 different countries were represented by everyone who played in July. This is truly the game that brings the world together, aka "The Beautiful Game".
As always, we use the same link every month to keep everyone updated on their progress. Make sure to bookmark this link so you can check out if your'e in the top players of the month every month.

Here is the final list for the top 15 players of the month

As a reminder, here are the prizes for the top 15 players

Plei App Players Of The Month

Every month we will be celebrating our top 15 players in terms of times played
  • The top 15 players will receive 1 Free Game Credit
  • The top 3 players will receive 2 free game credits
  • The #1 player of the month will receive 2 free Plei App dry fits to wear at the games plus 2 free game credits
Overall, our top 15 players played a grand total of 265 times between them. And our top 100 players of the month played a total of  1,216 times 🀯  a truly mind-blowing amount of times played. It was such a close race to make it to the top 15 players for everyone.
We can't wait to see who ends up in the top 15 players in August!
Will you climb to the top of the Plei App players?
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Alejandro Duque

Co-Founder & COO

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