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LV COPV by Álvaro Díaz: Bridging the gap between the Beautiful Game and the Urban Latin music wave through customized football jerseys ⚽🎶

October 26, 2023

LV COPV by Álvaro Díaz: Bridging the gap between the Beautiful Game and the Urban Latin music wave through customized football jerseys ⚽🎶

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If there’s one thing that stands out about Álvaro Diaz, it’s that raw creativity and innovation runs through his veins. 🧬

With his ability to rap and sing on wildly imaginative beats and express his ingenious visions through his exclusive clothing line ‘LV TIENDV’, the 28-year-old Puerto Rican completely redefines what it means to be a musical artist in today’s age.

The “PLN” artist’s latest fashion project is yet another example of how he’s constantly drawing out his own path and setting himself apart from the rest within the ever-booming Urban Latin scene through his label and creative collective, ‘LV CIUDVD’.

This past September, Diaz released the first wave of his latest LV TIENDV collection. Officially known as LV COPV (‘THE CUP’, with V’s aesthetically replacing the A’s in the words), these are Liga MX soccer jerseys, customized to feature Coco & Coca, a pair of fictional crocodiles that play important roles in the theme and storylines of his recent music.

Coco & Coca, along with a number of other cartoon animals that draw heavy inspiration from classic Disney animation, made their debuts during the rollout months for Diaz’s 2021 studio album, ‘Felicilandia’.

The first drop of the extra exclusive collection - LV COPV 001 - saw the release of two jerseys, ‘EL AMERICA de COCO’ and ‘LOS RAYADOS de COCO’.

The first of the two shirts features the green cartoon crocodile on the front of Club América’s 23/24 away kit and a skeletal version of the character on the back. The second one used C.F. Monterrey’s 23/24 home kit as the base, with the same Coco designs plastered over the sponsors on the front and back.

LV COPV 001 released on Friday, September 22 and sold out within minutes of the shirts going live on the website.

Diaz would later release the second drop of the collection - LV COPV 002 - featuring two new Mexican clubs, this time using Coca on the front of kits and maintaining skeleton Coco on the back.

Th 23/24 home kits of Tigres UANL and C.D. Guadalajara made their debuts on LV TIENDV, listed as ‘LOS TIGRES de COCA’ and ‘CHIVAS de COCA’, respectively.

LV COPV 002 arrived just over 3 weeks later on October 16, and also sold out within minutes.

With these two drops, Diaz has made it clear that he’s not stopping yet. Although the first four kit releases featured exclusively Liga MX clubs, expect to see Coco, Coca and other ‘Felicilandia’ characters make their way onto the football shirts of various other leagues across Latin America and beyond.

Diaz has hinted at the release of customized international kits as well, recently repping a Chile home jersey with Coco on the front at one of his recent shows.

What do you think about this concept of stamping new details onto already existing club jerseys? Would you rep one of these kits? Let me know by sending me an email at; feel free to also DM me on Instagram. 📲
Be sure to stay tuned to the Plei blog, where I upload cool content like this every week. You can also always send me a message if you ever want me to write about something specific, I’m always open to ideas! 💡
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Julian Febres

Content Manager

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