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Need help understanding what it means to invest in us? We’re here to help! 😅

September 29, 2023

Need help understanding what it means to invest in us? We’re here to help! 😅

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Hey everyone! 👋

If you didn’t already know, we recently launched a brand-new crowdfunding campaign. As of today, September 27th, we’ve managed to raise $129,381 in just over 2 weeks since launching! We greatly appreciate everyone who has pitched in so far as a Plei investor, as well as those who have shown interest in our journey. 🙏

We decided to write this blog because recently, we’ve had some calls with a number of potential investors. What we realized after these conversations is that, although they are fired up about joining us on our mission to make The Beautiful Game more accessible in the United States and beyond, many people don’t even know what it means to invest in the first place! 😓

It’s a completely normal problem, especially if you’re new to the game. Investing in startups can be really confusing. 😅

We know this is something that can be holding many of you back from investing in Plei, despite holding such a strong interest in us. Don’t worry — we’ll help you through it! In this quick blog, we’ll dive into what it means to become a startup investor so that you can make an informed decision by the time you finish reading. 😉

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Angel investing was previously available to only the wealthiest 3% of the population. Here at Plei, we are giving everyone a chance to share in the future of our business. To do that, we are hosting a Reg CF investment campaign on Republic, a leading private investment platform.

So, when you invest in our offering, what exactly are you getting? 🤔

The Plei App is selling a Crowd SAFE, which is an investment contract between investors and companies looking to raise capital. Individuals like you make investments for the chance to earn a return — in the form of equity in the company or a cash payout — if the company is acquired, goes public or sells all of its assets. Investors using the Crowd SAFE get a financial stake in the company, but are not immediately holders of equity. Investments are converted to equity if certain “trigger events” occur, such as the company’s acquisition or IPO.

Your return depends on your investment amount, the company’s exit valuation (how much the company is worth if and when a trigger event happens), and the terms of the Crowd SAFE.

Besides earning a return later down the line, you can also receive exclusive perks for investing in Plei! 🙌

To check out these perks and to learn even more about our pitch, I'd like to invite you to check out our campaign page, and I'd love to have you participate in any way you can: 

  • Invest. Invest from $150+ via our campaign page.
  • Ask Questions.  Want to learn more? Post your questions on our discussion board here
  • Follow our campaign. Not sure if you want to invest, but still want to stay up-to-date? Feel free to hit the follow button on our campaign.
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Julian Febres

Content Manager

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