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We’ve had plenty of fun in Los Angeles, but it’s time to upgrade our West Coast presence: The Plei App is now in the state’s capital of Sacramento! 🌳

April 8, 2024
New Region

We’ve had plenty of fun in Los Angeles, but it’s time to upgrade our West Coast presence: The Plei App is now in the state’s capital of Sacramento! 🌳

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Plei expands to Sacramento, CA

📃 Sactown is known for a lot of things… it’s time we get added to that list
April is teasing to become a historic month for the Plei App; you’ll see why in the coming days. ⏳
For now, it’s time to announce our fifth new region of the year, which now puts us just one new market away from equalling our all-time expansion record in a single calendar year. If you’re familiar with Plei App lore, you may recall us adding a total of six new regions back in 2022. 6️⃣
👇 These were: 
  • Atlanta, GA 🍑
  • Charlotte, NC 👑 
  • Denver, CO 🏔️ 
  • Los Angeles, CA 🎥
  • Palm Beach, FL 🌴
  • St. Louis, MO 🍭
With eight months left in the year, it’s inevitable that we’ll be setting a new record. It might even be sooner than you think. 👀
Introducing the 21st region to arrive on the Plei App: Sacramento, CA! 🌳
That’s right: we’ve made it to the state’s capital! Ever since we first stepped foot into the Golden State, we couldn’t help but instantly fall in love with the pickup soccer culture there. In a state known for so many elite sporting organizations, we anticipated a smooth expansion, and that’s precisely what we got. 👌
And there was just no better way to kick off our conquest of Cali pickup footy than by starting in its most prestigious city: Los Angeles. 🎥
Sacramento offers yet another exciting opportunity for us thanks to the growing soccer community that can be found there. Plei’s greatest mission is to increase the popularity of the beautiful game across the country, and one way that we make this happen is by tackling markets that - although they may be considered a big or important city - fall far behind other regions in terms of overall soccer popularity, despite boasting plenty of ballers. ⚽
The Plei App wants to unlock this hidden talent, as well as give players of all skill levels a newfound access to the game that they previously may not have had. 🔑
California’s capital fits this description precisely. That being said, we are absolutely pumped to begin offering pickup games to all of our Sactown ballers who have been asking for the Plei App for quite some time now. 📲
As usual, the vision is to grow the beautiful game in the United States to one day match or even surpass the popularity seen across Europe, South America and beyond. 🌍🌎🌏
Once again, welcome Sacramento to the #PleiFamily. ❤️🔥
To ease our way into the Sactown pickup soccer community, we will start by partnering with a critically acclaimed 5-a-side chain known as Le Five Indoor Soccer! You can read more about their two Sacramento facilities in the next section. ⏭️
To introduce ourselves properly to all of our Sacramento ballers, we will be offering debut pickup games at both LE FIVE locations, completely free of charge! 🆓 Sign-ups are available now, so download the Plei App from the App Store or the Google Play Store today! ⚽
Our missions of connecting as many people as possible through the game we all love and, more importantly, giving everyone access to playing on their own terms, are far from over. Continue scrolling to learn more about our first facility partner in the Sacramento area, and then feel free to click the corresponding links to read more in depth about each venue to familiarize yourself before heading out to play. 🔗


LE FIVE Indoor Soccer

Phone: (916) 603 8043 (Rancho Cordova)
Phone: (916) 248-5557 (West Sacramento)
LE FIVE US Website
Instagram: @lefivefc
What began as a project exclusive to France has now gone global. Their destination of choice? Sacramento, California. 📍
We’re not exactly sure why they would choose Sacramento of all places to continue the LE FIVE brand, but we’re certainly not complaining. 😅
Critically-acclaimed in their home country, this 5-a-side pickup soccer chain already runs a grand total of 22 venues throughout France. It would be an understatement to say that they essentially dominate the pickup soccer scene there. 🇫🇷
Now, the goal is to do the same on the West Coast. 🏄‍♂️
The concept of LE FIVE provides players of all ages and backgrounds with easily accessible, top-notch turf fields. Each facility is also equipped with attractive social spaces, sports bars and other amenities so that guests can also sit back, relax and have a good time. 🙌
Like we mentioned before, our first games at both LE FIVE locations will be available to you all completely for free as we celebrate our latest region expansion! We’ll be marking our debut with a game at Rancho Cordova tomorrow night (4/9) at 7pm. Meanwhile, our first game at their West Sacramento location will be this Thursday (4/11) at 9pm. 🗓️
If you want to write your name in our history books as being a part of the first-ever group of players to play in Sactown via the Plei App, don't wait to download the app if you haven’t already and sign up ASAP; spots are first come, first serve! 📲

The Plei App has officially expanded into our 21st market, Sacramento! 🌳
As always, we want to thank all of you for your continued support and positive feedback. Only a few years ago, Plei was just a dream in our minds, and seeing the reaction from our community is something that inspires us more and more each day. We will continue to work day and night to make sure playing soccer with Plei is one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. It’s all for the #LoveOfTheGame 🌎
We are so pumped to expand our Plei Family and connect players to another city in the United States. 21 regions and 14 states later, Plei is still only just getting started, so stay tuned as we continue to reach far and wide across the country with the ultimate goal of launching in every state! Will you be the first person to play in all of the Plei App Regions? 🤔

Let’s play some fútbol, Sacramento! 🌳⚽

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