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🏆 September 2022 Players of the Month 🏆

October 3, 2022

🏆 September 2022 Players of the Month 🏆

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September '22 Players Of The Month

Premier League final day vibes!

For the majority of the month, King L had a strong grasp on first place. We thought he would hold on strong, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case 🥲. Well into the referee’s September stoppage time, he fell to fifth place on the very last day!
The drama doesn’t end here. On the final day, it only got even more hectic. Going into Sept 30, Smigh J had one hand on first place, but the very next day, Abdul A played a game and tied Smigh on games played. This means that, for the month of September, we will have two champions for the very first time! Our new champions are Smigh J from… you guessed it, South Florida, and Abdul A from - for the first time - a new region… Houston! Both players played 23 times this past month! They will both receive the first place prize of three game credits and three free shirts!
These are Smigh and Abdul’s first appearances in the top 100 since we introduced this monthly leaderboard back in May, and what a way to make your debut! 
Now that we have our first place situation resolved, we have to deal with our third, fourth and fifth place finishers. We have a similar situation here! On the very last day, King fell to fifth after leaderboard veteran Man S played on Sept 30, so, along with Guillermo M, they also finished the month tied on games (21 each)! We went ahead and did a tiebreaker for them (based on total career games played), meaning Man takes third, Guillermo takes fourth and King remains at fifth. However, all three will receive second/third place rewards!
Like Smigh and Abdul, King also never previously made it into the top 100, so we commend him for his efforts; he has rightfully earned his prizes for the month despite the late changes in the standings!
Let’s talk about Man now, who makes a return to the top five for the first time since coming out on top in the inaugural May leaderboard! He played 21 times in September, earning himself two free game credits as well as two free shirts. We want to highlight the fact that Man is the only player in our leaderboard who has never left the top 15! 
Another leaderboard veteran, Michael G, finishes in the top 15 once again, finishing 12th with 17 games played in September. Since taking first place in his leaderboard debut back in June, he has never missed out on top 15 placement!
Finally, we want to shout out the rest of our top 15: Cristian M (6th), Sebastian L (7th), Berk S (8th), Chamir Y (9th), Jhojan M (10th), Raymond F (11th), Alfonso R (13th), Samuel Y (14th) and Ender V (15th)!
For the first time, we have a champion from outside of South Florida - albeit a shared champion with someone who is from South Florida 😂. Regardless, it was a long time coming for Texas; they have been placing in the top five for months now, and have now finally tasted victory. Guillermo, who placed fourth, is from Texas as well, playing in the Dallas region! We can’t help but wonder if this trend will continue. Will our Texas regions continue to do well in October or will South Florida reign supreme once again? 
We love to highlight the growing diversity of the Plei App community. A total of 36 different countries filled up our top 100 in September, with 9 of those countries being represented in the top 15. Overall, 153 unique nationalities represented the entire Plei App this past month. The “Beautiful Game” in the flesh! 
We want to remind everyone that all players who make it into our monthly top 100 earn a free Plei App shirt!
As always, we use the same link every month to keep everyone updated on their progress. Make sure to bookmark this link so you can check out if you're in the top players of the month every month.

Here is the final list for the top 15 players of September 2022!

As a reminder, here are the prizes for the top 15 players (they have been updated for September; information below in italics represent changes made!)

Plei App Players Of The Month

Every month, we will be celebrating our top 15 players based on games played:
  • 4th through 15th placed players will receive 1 free game credit and 1 free shirt
  • 2nd and 3rd placed players will receive 2 free game credits and 2 free shirts
  • The #1 player of the month will receive 3 free Plei App dry fits to wear at the games plus 3 free game credits
Overall, our top 15 players played a grand total of 288 times between them in September. And our top 100 players of the month played a total of 1,301 times! 
Here are some stats for the entirety of 2022: our September top 100 have played a combined total of 5,781 times this year, the top 15 have played 1,111 times and our new top 3 of Smigh, Abdul and Man have a combined total of 286 games between them in 2022!
We can't imagine what October’s final standings are going to look like!
Will you climb to the top of the Plei App rankings?

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Julian Febres

Content Manager

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