🎉 Welcoming 'Soccer 5 USA' to the Plei Family! (Multi-Location Facility)

Feb 24, 2020

New Facility
Soccer 5 USA is the largest operator of privately-owned soccer facilities in Florida, with three facilities across the state, and two more set to open later this year. The Plei System was built to support companies with multi-locations, making it the perfect solution for Soccer 5 as they continue to expand.
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With features such as Field Rental Management, a POS System for in-person payments, report generation, and more, our platform increases efficiency while simplifying internal operations. Not to mention generating field rentals through Plei App games, of course! 🤙
At the start of February, Plei was piloted at 'Soccer 5 Hialeah.' After a successful launch, the Plei System will now be activated at 'Soccer 5 Kendall' and 'Soccer 5 Tropical Park' in the upcoming weeks. We're excited to welcome Soccer 5 USA to the #PleiFamily!
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Sebastian Duque

Founder & CEO

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