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we’re in the club… the Plei App has joined forces with sphere! 🩷

May 1, 2024

we’re in the club… the Plei App has joined forces with sphere! 🩷

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a groundbreaking partnership has been cooking for quite some time now… one that’s ready to shake the globe as we know it.
or should we say, the sphere.
sorry if we spoiled it already, but we can’t contain our excitement. the Plei App has officially partnered with sphere, the world’s first ever soccer-inspired fitness concept.
if you aren’t familiar with them, let us do the honors.
founded by michael chabala - a former professional soccer player who played 9 years in major league soccer and won 2 mls cup trophies - sphere is the next big thing in the boutique fitness market. we would give you a metaphor to help you understand better, but the reality is, there’s nothing quite like it.
michael chabala (second from right), sphere ceo
they aspire to be the world’s most p̶o̶w̶e̶r̶f̶u̶l̶ powaful locker room, one filled with an electric atmosphere, complete with content, gear and community that all equally represent the mission of making our world a better place by connecting it.
sphere makes this happen with some of the most game changing endurance workouts that you won’t find anywhere else, all while using soccer as the vehicle. Not only are you guaranteed to sweat it up to some music while taking part in a number of both team-inspired & individually focused exercises, but also some friendly footy in between.
to get a better idea of what sphere is about, check out the bullet points we dropped below:
  • one-of-a kind program (led by a sphere captain)
  • open to everyone, regardless of fitness ability or skill level
  • each workout is approximately 45 minutes long
  • mixes between non-competitive co-ed soccer and short fitness segments
  • all workouts are team-inspired but also individually focused (using your body weight and resistance bands)
Plei App and sphere collide thanks to the common denominator of none other than the beautiful game, the tie that binds much of the world together. beyond that, though, our approaches are wildly different.
and that’s precisely why this partnership has come to life! sphere sessions will now be available to sign up for via the Plei App - exclusively in houston for the time being - making it easier than ever to join the club and start repping pink and black. just open the app on your phone (download us if you haven’t already 📲), click the search bar under the dates at the top of your screen, type in “sphere”, and secure your spot!
we promise we aren’t exaggerating; it really is that easy.
it all kicks off this monday (5/6) with a 45-minute long, non-competitive footy/workout session at Q&B Sports in west houston. players of all skill levels are able to sign up, but if you’re just getting started kicking around a ball for the first time or maybe haven’t hit the field in a while, even better!
and - of course - if you’re just looking to get in shape, meet new people or want to switch up your b o r i n g workout routine, you may have just found your perfect match.
this is only the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting partnership, and we thank michael & sphere for sharing the same excitement. stay tuned for even more from sphere x Plei App in the coming months!
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Julian Febres

Content Manager

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