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Futbol Club STL

St. Louis, MO
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Facility Spotlight Series: St. Louis Soccer Network

Get to know our St. Louis pickup expansions:

⚽ Futbol Club STL ⚽

Pickup soccer with a touch of artistry! 🎨

Address: 4900 Manchester Ave Suite 500, St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 574-4157
Futbol Club STL Website

Hours Of Operation:
Open 24/7 for pre-scheduled games
9 am to 8 pm for walk-ins


This past year, the Plei App expanded into our 10th region, St. Louis, Missouri 🍭. Since 2022, we have been hosting pickup games at Futbol Club STL, and we are looking forward to continuing doing so for many years to come. As part of our new blog series, we will be highlighting all of our partner facilities in every region where Plei has touched down.

Combine Miami-style urban art and design with a passion for the beautiful game and your result will probably be Futbol Club STL. 

More like it will most definitely be Futbol Club STL. This beautiful pickup facility located at the heart of Missouri’s second-largest city was founded by Jose and Patti Trujillo in July of 2020 after they moved from Miami with their two kids. They quickly fell in love with St. Louis upon arriving - despite the relocation originally being temporary - and pounced on the opportunity to bring their idea of a fresh indoor soccer facility to life.

The inspiration came from their experiences at different venues back in Miami and across South America, and didn’t hesitate to bring the concept to St. Louis.

Upon walking into this 46,000 square foot facility, you’ll be instantly surrounded by eye-popping murals on white walls, all designed by Scott Pondrom (@scotpierre) via his design company, The Design Deli, based in St. Louis. First and foremost, you’ll see Futbol Club STL’s logo on a brick wall surface. To the left, a collage of the word ‘football’ in over 45 languages. 

On one of the short ends of their futsal court is a graffiti-style mural of the phrase ‘Futbol Club’. And finally, to the left is the main event, a large and colorful ‘DALE!’, with graffiti-themed artworks inside the letters.


You’ll find plenty of seating areas in the form of benches around the facility. But no, these aren’t just normal benches. Each bench is individually themed to a country that has won the World Cup. A simplified version of the country’s flag is painted on the bench, and on the back you’ll see the date of the victories. Talk about attention to detail.

Sorry, we got lost in all the art. Let’s get to the footy details.

Futbol Club STL boasts six fields total: three dasher board fields, two lined fields and one futsal court, all suited for 5v5 or 6v6 pickup play. The facility is open to the public for field rentals, pickup games, individual training, birthday parties, corporate events and more, so take your pick!

An uncommon feature at many public pickup soccer venues, Futbol Club STL does provide bibs/vests. Just make sure you return them after you’re done!

Each playing field is equipped with multiple industrial-size ceiling fans to keep temperatures cool, just like the facility. There’s also a huge projector screen to the left of the word collage showing live soccer matches, accompanied by even more seating and tables to hang out at. Did we mention that they sell snacks and drinks at the front counter?

For more information on the extent of their services, contact Futbol Club STL directly via call, text or email at / (314) 571-4157.

Convinced yet? Give Futbol Club STL a try now! Download the Plei App now and sign up for a pickup game today.


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Julian Febres

Content Manager
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