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Houston, TX
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⚽ King Soccer ⚽

Show off some tekkers and take your rightful throne! 👑

Address: 19120 FM 529, Cypress, TX 77433
(281) 746-1580

Hours Of Operation:
Open 7 am – Midnight Daily


Way back in July 2019, the Plei App expanded outside Florida for the first time, partnering with multiple facilities in Houston, Texas. 🚀 Since January 2020, we have been hosting pickup games at King Soccer, and we are looking forward to continuing doing so for many years to come. As part of our new blog series, we will be highlighting all of our partner facilities in every region where Plei has touched down. 🛬

Welcome to “The Warehouse”.

Recently renovated last October, King Soccer is a veteran indoor soccer facility located in the Cypress area of Houston, TX. It’s a very accessible venue as it is only five miles east of Highway 99, so you’ll have little to no trouble getting there.

At King Soccer you’ll be playing on one artificial turf field (no firm ground cleats allowed) that is best suited for 5v5 or 6v6 pickup play. The field is surrounded by walls, meaning the ball doesn’t go out of bounds. Get ready for nonstop action!

To add to the atmosphere, King Soccer provides music if requested, so feel free to ball out to your favorite footy playlist, we won’t judge you for your choice of genre.

If you bring guests along or even if you are just waiting for your game, there are bleachers available facing the field.

Rep King Soccer by picking up some merch while you’re at the facility! They sell branded hoodies, tees and more!

Rumors have been swirling that 50 Cent himself pulled up last year to King Soccer for a few pickup matches. Although we can’t confirm nor deny his alleged appearance or if he even played well, someone seems to have snapped a photo of him. We’ll leave it up to you to debunk this.

In the meantime, come out to King Soccer and enjoy a pickup match on the Plei App!

The Plei App offers pickup games at King Soccer and other Houston facilities daily, so sign up for a game now and enjoy some good ol’ footy!

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Julian Febres

Content Manager
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