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Silverbacks Indoor

Atlanta, GA
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Facility Spotlight Series: Atlanta Soccer Network

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⚽ Silverbacks Indoor ⚽

Ball out and relax in 48,000 sq. ft. of space 🦍

Address: 4285 Brogdon Exchange NE, Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: (678) 714-7454
Silverbacks Indoor Website
Instagram: @silverbacksindoor

Hours Of Operation:
Monday - Friday | 9 am - 11:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday | 9 am - 10 pm


In November 2022, the Plei App officially expanded into our 13th market, Atlanta, Georgia! 🍑 We made our debut at the famous Silverbacks Park and months later we partnered up with StationSoccer. Now, we are launching at Silverbacks’ second location, a fully indoor venue in Suwanee! As part of our ongoing blog series, we will be highlighting all of our partner facilities in every region where Plei has touched down. 🛬

One look at their indoor facility, and you’ll see why Silverbacks is a household name in Atlanta when it comes to sports. 🏠

If you play soccer and live in Atlanta, chances are you’ve played at or at least heard of Silverbacks Park. 🏟️

On the off chance that you haven’t, then you probably don’t know that they have a second location just 20 miles northeast of the 19-year-old outdoor complex. And it’s been around for a while also. ⏳

If you’ve been to Silverbacks Indoor, then congratulations, you probably don’t need to read this blog. 😅 But if you haven’t been, don’t leave us yet! We’re going to tell you all about this 48,000-square-foot facility now. 👇

Located in Suwanee, GA, Silverbacks Indoor stands out for a couple of reasons, but the most eye-catching feature that you’ll find when you first walk in is the fact that all four (4) of their pickup soccer fields are each a different color. 😍

At the back left side of the facility is a standard green turf field for 5v5 that is equipped with a scoreboard and benches on the sideline. 🟢 To the right is another 5v5 field, but this one is painted red with black sidelines and white lining. 🔴

Parallel to the green field is a 5v5 futsal court colored a sort of pale blue. The neat thing about this court is that it can also be used for basketball by just switching out the soccer nets for hoops. So if you have a love for both sports, then you’re in luck at Silverbacks Indoor. ⚽🏀🍀

To top it all off, there’s a larger turf field, this one coming in a beautiful gray-black with red and white lines.  This one is different from the rest because it’s enclosed by boards, so you can play off the wall in more fast-paced games. ⚡

Non-sport amenities really help to add a sense of versatility to this facility. After balling out either on artificial turf or hard court, why not stop by Banana’s Wings-N-Sports? Grab yourself a burger, Philly cheesesteak, chicken tenders (they come fried or grilled!) and of course, wings. They have a variety of flavors ranging from mild to extremely hot, so check out the menu below so you know what to expect when you stop by. 😋

Beverages range from Coke products and sweet tea to ice-cold beer on tap and various liquor options like Fireball. Drink responsibility! 🍻

Once you get a hold of your meal, take a seat at any of the tables available or relax at the bar. There are plenty of TVs on the wall of the bar area that will be showing live sports, and a huge 20ft HD TV is available to the left facing the blue court, where you’ll also find multiple pool tables. The options are endless here. 📺🎱

Silverbacks Indoor organizes and operates a variety of leagues and programs year-round, including indoor soccer, flag football and an after-school youth program. With multi-purpose fields, a full-service concession area, and a room that can seat up to 50 people, this climate-controlled facility can cater to all kinds of gatherings, such as sports-themed parties and corporate events. 🎉🥳

Check out their website to learn more about all their offerings and keep up with their Instagram page for all the latest scoops and happenings at Silverbacks Indoor. 📲

We have officially partnered with Silverbacks Indoor! Pickup games at this facility and other Atlanta venues are live now on the Plei App, so if you’re in the area, don’t wait! Sign up for a game and hit the field! ⚽

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Julian Febres

Content Manager
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