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StationSoccer | West End

Atlanta, GA
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⚽ StationSoccer by Soccer in the Streets ⚽

The World’s First Transit Soccer League! 🚆

Phone: (888) 436-5833
StationSoccer Website
Instagram: @soccerstreets


Late last year, the Plei App officially expanded into our 13th market, Atlanta, Georgia! 🍑 Since then, we have only been partnered with one facility, Silverbacks Park… until now! Introducing our latest partnership in the Peach State: StationSoccer! As part of our ongoing blog series, we will be highlighting all of our partner facilities in every region where Plei has touched down. 🛬

Keep on reading to learn more about this special city-wide community project that has now expanded to feature a total of five stunning locations across Atlanta! 👇

Sometimes it all starts with a sudden lightbulb moment during your daily commute to and from work. 💡

That’s exactly what happened way back in 2013 when Sanjay Patel, now the Director of Strategic Projects at Soccer in the Streets, started taking MARTA public transit. He spotted plots of unused land in and around the train stations, and it hit him that something could be done with these empty grass spaces and parking lots.

Hailing from England, he was inspired by the way transportation has been nearly perfected to be multi-functional and easily accessible from all corners of the country, no matter the age. From this, the idea sprung to life. “Why can’t we build mini soccer fields on these patches of unused land?” he thought to himself. A “League of Stations” is what popped into his head. It made so much sense to him, and he wasn’t going to let this lightbulb moment go to waste.

Flash forward to 2023, and what started as a possible throwaway proposal has turned into a full-fledged, critically acclaimed city-wide success in Atlanta. This “League of Stations” - officially known as StationSoccer - was initially approved by MARTA back in 2016.

Soccer in the Streets is a nationwide, non-profit agency that has been providing soccer, educational and life-skills programs for the youth in low-income communities since 1989. StationSoccer is their largest and most successful project to date, and they’re only getting started.

After securing partnership with the Atlanta United Foundation as well, they brought StationSoccer to life, starting with a field inside of Five Points Station, the first of its kind in the world. It was an instant hit in the city, and more expansions followed soon after. 

As of April 2023, there are a total of five (5) StationSoccer locations: Five Points, East Point, Kensington, Lindbergh and West End. Further expansion plans will plant fields at the HE Holmes, Bankhead, Civic Center, East Lake and Doraville train stations.

⚽ StationSoccer - West End ⚽

Established in 2018, their second location! 2️⃣

Address: 680 Lee St SW, Atlanta, GA 30306

Hours Of Operation:
Open 7 days a week

The pair of fields at West End was the second StationSoccer location to be established, having opened in September of 2018.

West End arguably takes the cake for the most creative design of all the current five StationSoccer fields. This facility’s two (2) fields are placed on the ground on opposite sides of the tracks above, offering aesthetically-pleasing views of the trains that inevitably pass by throughout the day.

These fields and the original field at Five Points are the only two StationSoccer facilities to be located within the perimeters of their corresponding stations, making it really easy to just hop off the train and head over to the beautiful turf grass to play!

Suitable for 5v5 play, the two fields are uniquely designed to feature various logos of StationSoccer’s partnerships, including (from left to right) MLS WORKS, Atlanta United FC, Atlanta Station Soccer and TransFormation Alliance.

The entire space is surrounded by safety nets and equipped with stadium-quality lighting, making West End StationSoccer a great place to play when the Atlanta sun goes down.

The fields here are very versatile, a common theme across all StationSoccer locations. Various programs for both kids and adults are hosted year-round, including soccer clinics, leagues, tournaments and even free play. They pride themselves on being family-friendly and open to all ages and skill levels, so don’t shy away from the opportunities here!

Benches are conveniently placed along the long sides of the fields on the inside area covered by the train tracks, so you can bring along guests so that they can watch you ball out as comfortably as possible or take a break yourself (you’ll probably need it).

You can even rent out their spaces if you want to hold a celebration or other event. Community events sponsored by Atlanta United and other unique partnerships happen all the time, so follow their social media pages (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) and keep up with the StationSoccer website if you don’t want to miss out.

That’s all we have about StationSoccer at West End! If you want to read about their four other locations, click any of the following links below. 🔗

Five Points

East Point



We have officially partnered with StationSoccer! Stay tuned as we prepare to host our first games at their 5️⃣ different locations across Atlanta. 🍑 Download the Plei App from the App Store or the Google Play Store today and be ready to sign up for when the time comes! ⚽

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Julian Febres

Content Manager
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